Corporate Info

Falkland Islands Holidays is owned and operated by Stanley Services Limited.

Stanley Services Limited (SSL) was formed in 1987 and is a joint venture between the Falkland Island Government and commercial partners S & JD Robertson Group, who were a well-established distributor of fuels in Orkney, Shetland, Northern Scotland and the Western Islands of Scotland and are now a Business Services Group and Lavinia Corporation which is a Shipping, Leisure and Real Estate Group with substantial interests in other industries such as aviation, pelagic fisheries and bunker trading activities.

The Board of Stanley Services limited consists of two representatives from each of the shareholders, the Managing Director, Financial Director and General Manager.

The Company provides fuel to both the Domestic population of the Falkland Islands and the fishing fleet, which operates in the waters near and around the Islands.

The aim of Stanley Services Limited is to bring a seamless and professional management to all tasks, always ensuring that the emphasis is placed firmly on providing the customer with the best quality of service at the most competitive price.

Company Registration No. 8257

Registered address:
Stanley Services Limited
Airport Road
P.O Box 590
Falkland Islands

Telephone: +500 22622
Fax: +500 22623