The settlement was established in 1859, named after Charles Darwin, the area retains much evidence of the lives of early settlers including a stone corral, the “galpon” and nearby turf walls.

As time progressed Darwin moved into sheep farming, at the height of its development, the Darwin community boasted, in addition to the many shepherds and farm hands, master craftsmen, a doctor, a school master, and even a parson.

Darwin is a perfect rural location and has a waterfront setting meaning it is a great place to start your wildlife watching and Falklands adventure. Just 40 minutes from the international airport, you can enjoy a scenic coastal walk or a more challenging hike to the ‘roof of the Falklands’ Mt. Usborne.

Sheep Farm

Darwin was once the largest settlement after Stanley, with almost 200 working folk on the farm payroll. By 1920, the site had become too small for the thriving settlement and over the next 2 years all the farm buildings, the church, and most of the houses were transferred to Goose Green- a large sheep farm owned by Falklands Landholdings, running 90,000 sheep.

Bodie Creek Bridge

Nearby is Bodie Creek Bridge, one of the world’s most southerly suspension bridges. It was built in 1925, from a kit fabricated by David Rowell & Co., in order to shorten the distance sheep needed to be driven from southern Lafonia to the shearing sheds in Goose Green.  Closed in 1997 it is no longer used for its original purpose, however it is well worth a visit!

Paratroopers Memorial

Goose Green was the site of an important engagement during the 1982 Conflict. You can visit the Paratroopers memorial, the large Argentine cemetery and the monument to Commanding Officer Colonel H. Jones.


For those with their own transport, Darwin provides an ideal base for the exploration of Lafonia and the eastern shore of Falkland Sound.  It is also about a 35 minute drive to New Heaven which boasts a thriving Gentoo penguin colony.

There’s a wide variety of activities to fill your time at the historic Darwin settlement including walking and visits to sites connected with the 1982 Conflict and wildlife.


Look out for dolphins in the harbour, hares in the gorse bushes and a rich variety of birds along the shoreline and ponds: Falklands Flightless Steamer Ducks, Oyster Catchers, Blackish Oystercatchers, Night Heron, Kelp Geese, Upland Geese, Brent Geese, Turkey Vulture, Southern Great Petrel and Red Backed Hawk, to name just a few. If you’re lucky you might even be able to spot the resident Barn Owls.

Magellanic Oystercatcher


Darwin House

Darwin House is a modern farmhouse with 6 bedrooms available for guests, and a choice of two double, one twin, one triple room (3 singles beds) and two rooms that can be made as either a twin or a superking size.